Kids sofa

The Dwinguler Kids Sofa
First sofa with outstanding fit for my kids.
Outter cover is made of eco-friendly soffkin synthetic leather and inner bio-foam is made of natural vegetable material. So you can be relieved to use it.
SOFFKIN is a top class synthetic leather brand made in Korea with 30 years accumulated technology. As SOFFKIN contacts skin of babies directly,
we secured the eco-friendly certificate such as antibacterial, heavy metals, phthalate free and so on, and it also excellently presents design factors like luxurious gloss,
embossing pattern.
We used advanced functional material which is developed with natural vegetable oil (From Rape blossoms, Sunflower oil), and it doesn't contain any of harmful chemical substance.
It has good permeability, and it distributes the pressure evenly which helps blood circulation.
Eco-Friendly Dwinguler Kids Sofa with outstanding material
Very easy to assemble! Fun and various play board for sensory development!
Luxury brand exporting to 25 countries shows difference
100% made elaboratively in Korea
Special function of Dwinguler Kids Sofa
A eco-friendly sofa which Dwinguler made and more reliable.


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