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About Us
Welcome to American playMat
we are proud to introduce this revolutionary top quality mat which is safe, non-toxic, versatile, attractive and educational all in one!
I am the mother of three young children. They are all healthy, happy and very, very active. Like you, I am deeply committed to providing my kids with a safe home.
With my oldest child, I started using those ABC foam puzzle mats to protect him from the cold, hard floors in our house. But the noxious chemical smell was off-putting so I got rid of them. Recently, there have been disturbing reports that these puzzle mats can contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde, a known carcinogen.
Years ago, relatives who live in Korea, sent me the Dwinguler Playmat. It was exactly what I was looking for. A soft, cushioned mat that protected my children from the inevitable bumps and falls and it was backed by extensive safety testing. I was very impressed.
"Dwinguler" means "rolling" in Korean.
My kids have napped, played, crawled and walked on these mats. There's even been some rolling too. My 7 year old has pretty much grown up with his mat. He's learned to walk on them. When he graduated to a toddler bed, we placed the mats beside his bed in case he fell. They're very durable too; we still have the same mat that we bought for him as a newborn.
Over the years, many friends and acquaintances have asked about these mats and were disappointed when I told them they were only available in Korea. Not anymore. I am so pleased to be able to provide these great mats to everyone in America.
I encourage you to try one today. Take care and enjoy your kids while they are young - happy parenting!

Take care and enjoy your kids while they are young...happy parenting!

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Dwinguler Kid's Playmat Warranty
If this product is found to be defective within the warranty period, you may return your product to the seller and receive a replacement. However, warranty is voided if the defects result from mishandling or improper use of the product.
Please fill out the warranty card and keep it with the purchasing receipt. You will need to submit both to the seller in the event of a claim.
Product Name: Dwinguler Kid's Playmat
Warranty period: One (1) year from the date of purchase
This Limited Warranty excludes indentations, scratches, or damage caused by lack of proper maintenance, misuse, abrasives, insufficient protection from furniture, scratches, or indentations caused by spiked-heel shoes, pet nails, and any casualty event.