Music Parade - Sound Play Mat
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* Music Parade will be shipped with Talking Pen.

- Item Code : DW-L15-022
- Origin : South Korea
- Item Weight : 22 pounds
- Shipping Weight :27 Pounds
- Product Dimensions : 90.6(L) x 55.1(W) x 0.59(T) inches
Frustration-Free Packaging
Create a perfect place for your children to roll, crawl, and toddle!
Our Kid's Cushioned Playmat provides a soft & safe play area for your kids.
Our product is tested to US and European safety standards and is made with phthalate-free materials.
On the surface, there are brightly colored pictures with friendly characters, letters, and numbers for the sensory and educational development of your children.
The playmat's cushion absorbs noise from footsteps and prevents discomfort from children walking on a cold floor.
- First-rate, Eco-friendly raw material
- No heavy metals
- No estrogen-like compounds
- Non-toxic
- Soft cushion
- Coated surface
- Easy to clean
- Educational content on both sides
- Easy to carry
- Special embossed pattern
- Excellent cushioning and restoring ability
- Non-slip surface structure for safety

- Noise absorption and Thermal insulation

1. Safe for your children
The Dwinguler Playmat is manufactured with high quality non-toxic materials that are friendly to the environment.
comply with all requirements of CPSIA and European Toy Safety Standards.
2. While providing safety for your children
The Dwinguler Kid's Playmat has a non-slip surface. Multiple foam layers provide excellent cushioning for minor falls and tumbles.
3. Engaging and entertaining for children
The Dwinguler Playmat is double sided and available in a variety of patterns and pictures all designed to capture and engage your child's curiosity.
Introduce your child to the alphabet and numbers, identify animals and objects, or tell stories using the colorful illustrations.


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Music Parade - Sound Play Mat

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