Dwinguler Playmat


1. Sensory Playmat

Watch, Listen, Speak, Touch and Feel!

Dwinguler Sensory Development Mat is not intended as learning but it naturally helps improve imagination, creativity, and brain development through play.

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2. Premium Playmat

Create a perfect place for your children to roll, crawl, and toddle! Our Kid's Cushioned Playmat provides a soft & safe play area for your kids. 

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Sound Playmat


[Sensory] Aesop's Fables


Improve kid's emotion and wisdom by lessons of Aesop's fable.

dwinguler Aesop's Fable mat is a storytelling space offering connection between mother and kids, and containing wise lessons.

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[Sensory] Amazing Origami

Rather than a mat just spreading on floor and watch, Dwinguler Amazing Origami helps body development and to build up emotional relatedness by offering various contents which let mother and kids play origami together. 

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[Sensory] Music Parade

An active sound-learning mat which kids can listen to various sounds and imagine joyfully and can have time for creative thinking not like passive learning by just playing with toys and reading a book. 

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[Sensory] Sense Mat

Senes Mat raises brain development to the best by stimulating eyes and hands to stimulate the imagination through the senses of eyes and hands. 

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New Arrivals


Animal Parade


There are lots of cute and lovely animal friends parading on the background presented in unique texture.

Presented in cozy and lovely color and backside is designed with modern gray color.

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Boat Ride


Kids can find animal friends enjoying vacation sailing on the boat.

Let’s start our journey to the forest with adventurous spirit and curiosity.

You can also find framed image of animal friends.

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Rainy Day


Kids looks more pleasant in rainy day.

Kids can meet fluttered friends going out with their umbrella and rain boots.

Kids also can study alphabets with the back side of mat.

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Test Certifications

High-Quality, Non-Toxic, and Eco-Friendly Play Mat!


Dwinguler Play Mat meets or exceeds all standards set forth in the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) 

as well as all European Toy Safety Standards (EN-71).